Tres Tristes Tigres

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Tres Tristes Tigres
ISBN: 968403993X
Páginas: 60

A fun compendium of classic tongue twisters that have entertained and enhanced people's mental agility and speech over generations. A fun challenge for your tongue

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Autor: Guillermo Murray
Géneros: Juegos, Literatura
Etiquetas: Inglés, Lectura infantil
Extracto del libro:

Three sad tigers brings together the most fun and useful tongue twisters that for many generations have served and continue to serve to make people laugh, while improving speech and mental agility.

In the pages of this book you will find gathered the ingenuity, mischief and originality of countless people who, like you, like to play games and juggle words; they mold them, make them balls (and sometimes they also make balls to themselves) and then share them in the form of simple and at the same time complicated verses, verbal grids or simple jokes, because that is the joke of locking and unlocking tongues. Three sad tigers is, in short, much more than a pack of tongue twisters to unlock you?

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